Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Happy KiKiDay!! [30 March 2012]

생일 축하함니다 이 기광 오빠!!! 
::Saengil chukka hamnida::
::Saengil chukka hamnida::
::Saranghaneun Lee Gikwang oppa ♥ ♥
::Saengil chukka hamnida::
saengil chukkahaeyo,our lovely Lead Dancer of B2ST//BEAST...
.Wish u will always bless with healthy,happiness and success in whole of your life.Hope u will do more better this year !! We will always support u !! ^_^
>aces gikwang< >B2UTY BEAST<

>>>>actually,bday gikwang dh,fasya yg post lmbt..ingt nk post time bday dy la,dok tangguh2,,ary ni bwu nk post.gbr2 dy kt ats tu fasya yg edit ok!!special 4 gikwang only <3.nice x??hehehe

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