Monday, 26 December 2011

Taecyeon oppa bday!!!

생일 축하합니다..택연!!!
Happy Birthday Taecyeon oppa <3 <3
[27 Dec 2011,Tue]

B2ST/BEAST feat. A Pink- Skinny Baby MV

B2UTY!! see this..
BEAST oppa so hot esp Gikwang!!
A PINK the cutie girls <3 <3
i like this new song...
~~skinny baby hot hot skinny baby hot~~

-->yoseob oppa so cute!!
     best la lgu nie...

B2ST announces 21-city world tour+Cube to debut new 7 member boy group

On December 26th, Cube Entertainment held their ‘Cube Entertainment Vision Briefing‘ press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, and unveiled their plans for 2012.
To start, officials announced that B2ST will embark on a 21-city tour. They’ll be kicking off the tour in Seoul on February 4th, followed by Germany (Berlin), England (London), Spain, America (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Singapore, Japan (five cities), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Shanghai), Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.
Thus far, 14 countries and 21 cities have been confirmed, with Brazil and Argentina still in discussion.
Over $200 million USD is being invested in the tour, and Cube hopes to attract at least 200,000 fans in total. They’ll be taking the tour to new heights by bringing in LED screens, the best video equipment, and 3D effects.
Yoseob stated, “I’m proud that B2ST is able to perform all over the world, and not just in Korea. We promise to work even harder next year.” Another official added, “2012 will be the year that B2ST expands out of Asia and into the rest of the world. They’ll receive a lot of love right alongside the K-Pop boom.”
In addition, the CEO Hong Seung Sung stated, “From February to the end of April, B2ST will be releasing three singles. The January release will be ballad, hip hop in February, and medium dance in March. From April to May, they will have a Korean comeback. 4minute will make their comeback in January, followed by ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant Noh Ji Hoon‘s solo debut.”
Later, the CEO revealed that they will be debuting a seven member boy group next year. He stated,“We’re currently looking at a debut date of either the end of January or mid-February. Five of the members are currently starring in a jTBC TV show with Jo Kwan Woo, while the remaining two are currently rehearsing and recording songs.”
4minute also talked about what makes K-Pop so special. “K-Pop has a lot of genres and the members all have such strong individual charms. It has something that can’t be found in other countries, and there are a lot of groups that differentiate themselves from anything in the norm. K-Pop is music that you ‘see’.”
G.NA added, “I also think they like the concept of aegyo culture in Korea.”
The girls added, “We’re currently working on our new album. As opposed to going with something mainstream, we want to find our own color, and all of the members want to try something new. It’s going to be an album where we can confidently say that we’re the first to do so.”
Gayoon continued, “We always tell this to our fans, but what 4minute aims for is not to be the best, but to be the only. We want to be acknowledged for a color all our own, and only after that will we aim to become the best.”

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Mothers of Super Junior’s Sungmin,Kyuhyun, & Leeteuk to open a cafe

The mothers of Super Junior‘s SungminKyuhyun, and Leeteuk have revealed that they will be opening a cafe together!
On December 20th, Leeteuk wrote on his Twitter, “On the 22nd, my mother, Sungmin’s mother, and Kyuhyun’s mother will be opening a coffee shop. I was the only one left in the dark. They said it’s going to be in Apgujung.”
He continued, “Mom, you’ve been lonely for a while now, so I hope that you enjoy your time running it and have a lot of fun ^^ I’ll try to help as much as I can!”
Netizens commented, “Wow, oppa I’ll drop by often and try to help!”, “I’ll bring my friends there!” and “If we go, will Leeteuk oppa make us coffee?”
--->suju!!! ELF will support u!! fighting!!

Alexander kicks off his solo showcase tour in Japan and Malaysia !!
U-KISS‘s former member Alexander has kicked off his solo showcase tour to a successful start in Japan and Malaysia!
On December 9th, he held his ‘Alexander Showcase Live 2011‘ in Japan and was greeted by a crowd of 700 fans and 100 industry officials.
A director of his Japanese concert promotions stated, “Alexander showed dancing and singing skills that exceeded the expectations of officials from music labels, so they took a lot of interest in him. He’s also someone that the Japanese people take very well to character-wise, so we’re looking forward to seeing what he can show on dramas or variety shows.”
On the 17th, he headed for Malaysia to perform at NTV7‘s ‘Star Live Concert‘, where he sang “Bad Girl” and “That Man” as a special guest. On the 18th, he held his second showcase with 1,500 fans, and performed his title track, “I Just“, along with other songs like “Oh! Baby“, “Bad Girl”. He also did a special shuffle dance.
Fans commented, “It’s nice to see him so confident even while standing alone“, and “It was worth waiting for him.”Representatives of his Malaysia showcase stated, “His numerous charms makes him stand out as a singer. He’s also capable of several languages, so we’re absolutely sure that he’ll be well-loved by not only Malaysia, but all of Asia.”
----> Xander so handsome..^ _^..his haircut look alike Kim Hyun joong's hair..nice!

G.Na reveals her grandfather has passed away...
On December 20th, G.NA revealed that her grandfather had passed away.
Through her Twitter, she wrote, “On December 20th, my grandfather left the world. He was like my father ever since I was little. Because he lived in Canada, I wasn’t able to see him before he left, and I’m in disbelief with what is going on. This can’t be true. I’m so sorry I couldn’t even tell you that I loved you.”She added, “I think it will be hard for me to attend to my schedules right now. But I will do my best for what I can do. Let’s not fall, G.NA!”
Cube Entertainment stated, “G.NA is currently filming for MBC‘s ‘Lulu Lala‘. She found out about her grandfather this morning. Although she tried to go to him, she wasn’t able to. G.NA tried to go to Canada once she was notified, but her family has decided not to hold a funeral there. Since he was a soldier, he will be laid to rest at the Seoul National Memorial Cemetary. Her family in Canada will be coming to hold the funeral. G.NA will be attending.”
Netizens commented, “Rest in peace,” and “He will have gone to a better place. Please don’t be too sad.”
Source + Photos: Star News via NaverTV Report

[wish for G.Na]----> G.Na,I hope you have patience and fortitude to face life your best what you can do.fighting!!! 

Monday, 19 December 2011

Joker's Day...!!!

Today 19 Dec 2011 is Beast's Junhyung birthday....
Saengil chukahamnida Junhyung Oppa!!
B2UTY love you & always support u!!
~~BEAST is the BEST~~

Super Junior Donghae & Eunhyuk - Oppa Oppa_Special Stage 2011.12.16 @KBS MUSIC BANK

SM Entertainment announced on December 9 that Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk would release a digital single, “Oppa has Risen,” and plan to conduct passionate activities with the song for a certain period of time.
The new song is a cheerful dance song based on the delightful lyrics and rhythmic disco atmosphere.
At the Super Show 4 Seoul concert held in November, the song was first revealed.
Someone from the agency says, “We’re inspired by the two keeping in step at the Super Show 4 concert. They were in a perfect harmony. So we decided to form the special sub unit as a special year-end gift to reciprocate the continued support and love from fans.”
Donghae and Eunhyuk  stand on stage of KBS’s Music Bank on December 16 and SBS’s Music Trend on December 18 to show a fantastic performance with their new song.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

i have twitter acc!!!/Fasya_aj95

4 Disember '11,ahad-mlm tu tgh2 mlm aq tgk la ade sorg budak..junior la sek aq dy ngah on9 gak time tu,dy ada aq tnya la dy about twitter..cmna..pew suma la..coz aq tringin gak nk wt twitter..coz kbnyakn rtis kn diorg ade twitter acc.leh la follow,aq teos bkak lmn web dftar n wt suma yg dy sruh kt ctu..pstu ada gak bnda yg aq blur n xtw..besa lha budak bru blajar n brjinak2 ngn twitter,pa yg aq xtwu aq tnya la kt junior aq tuh..excited sgt pas wt twitter tu..hahah!!lma klamaan,aq pn dh pndy sal twitter nih..skrg..klu aq on9 fb,aq akn bka skli twitter n blog..lpa lak,klu korg ada twitter acc,follow la aq k!!nty aq follow korg aq dh bg kt ats tu.k,juz nk cter yg tu jew..bye!!assalamualaikum n annyeong!!


Assalamualaikum & Annyeong!!
ptg td xda keja pa nk wat,so aq ingt nk on9 ar..pstu,my mum lak bru gtw yg my dad sruh kami semua cuci dad pegi dy xsmpt nk pn ok jew la kn.gpn aq tgh rjin nk wt keja time tu.drpda dok sja..lbey baek aq wt keja...slalunya boys yg  cuci2 kereta, aq ade adek lelaki sowang jew..tu pn bru,dy xley tlg gk coz time tue dy ngn adek prempuan aq kna prgi mengaji,tggal aq ngn adek aq yg lg sorg tu..yg form 2..mla2,dy juz tlong ccikan kereta tue ngn air dlu..pstu aq pn mla larh mencuci gna sbun  pncci kereta lar!!dy nk tl...,tp,aq kta xyah la..biar aq wt sorg..coz best la cci abes msuk dlm umah rehat2 n tgk tv..xpnt pn..bez lg ada..lpas maghrib,bru la aq buka laptop n ape lgi..on9 ar..tggu lg!!pa2 pown..enjoy aq arap u all enjoy with ur school holidays!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


B2ST Lee Gi Kwang’s bowl hair cut “like Yo Seop”

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang imitated Yo Seop’s hair.
Lee Gi Kwang updated a photo of himself on his Twitter on the 24th and said, “imitating Yo Seop,” and continuously updated another photo saying, “imitating Yo Seop 2.”
In the picture, Lee Gi Kwang is showing his new bowl hair style which is a trade mark of Yang Yo Seop. Especially his cute look on his face with some air in his cheeks attracts people’s attention.
Twitterers said, “Gi Kwang’s so cute!” “Lee Gi Kwang finally changes his style with bowl hair,” “Cute Gi Kwang, you look still awesome so you don’t have to imitate Yo Seop,” and so on.

Karnival Hari Kokurikulum Sekolah!!!

assalamualaikum n annyeong!! smlm ngn ary ni ary koko..ary ni last la...mcm2 prtndgn ckgu wt smpena ary koko pn byk trlibat la..mklumlah..nk aktifkan dri  lg..hihi.byk gak la prtndingn/aktviti yg aq sertai..netball,spell it right,riddles&crossing word puzzles,forum n kawad kaki uniform..netball kitorg lwn first day..grup aq suma f4 vs ngn dak2 f5..grup aq mng dgn result,klh lak ary ni dgn grup f5 lg,kmi dpt lak grup aq dpt num2..oke r tu.pastu,kawad kaki xbpe nk ok ckit tme brtnding,oke la.latihn lha bru bes exm,tgk2 ckgu gtw ade kwd..dh la aq commander,,nk kna ajr dpa lak..yg BI pnya prtndgn aq xdpt pa2 bub klh ar..xksh,taon dpn ada,ary ni ltih n pnt sgt..lik umah jew aq rht2,mnd n smbhyg..pstu trus tdo..coz xlrt sgt..pastu,mlm br on9 n bka blog!! ok2..bubye..

Friday, 21 October 2011

서녀시대 컴백이다 [Girl's Generation is comeback!!]

Today 21 OKT 2011,FRI,
SNSD comeback stage in Music Bank with their new song..THE BOYS..
lagu diorg bez sgt..first time la aq dgr n tgk kt Music Bank mls la nk bka n download kt youtube..skg ni,bru la aq tgk mv dy n trus download.dlm mv ni,snsd style n mv diorg nmpk cm elegance ckit mla2 my opinion la..pa2 pown,aq ttp skong diorg..  SNSD fighting!!!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Kpop Fans..see this.Rain joins the sad... :(

Over one thousand fans from all over the world came to see Rain join the Army.
On the 11th, Rain entered 306 drafts in Uijeongbu. He will have basic military training for five weeks and serve as a soldier for one year and ten months.
Before Rain entered the facility, he said, “Thank you for coming and I’m sorry that I made a fuss about me joining the Army.”
He took off his cap and showed his short hair. Then he saluted to his fans and the fans yelled out his name and tears welled up in Rain’s eyes.
Rain walked in to the building after saying, “I will do my best in the Army. Thank you.”
Many fans cried at Rain’s good-bye.
>wants to read more..go to this link..<