Tuesday, 25 October 2011


B2ST Lee Gi Kwang’s bowl hair cut “like Yo Seop”

B2ST’s Lee Gi Kwang imitated Yo Seop’s hair.
Lee Gi Kwang updated a photo of himself on his Twitter on the 24th and said, “imitating Yo Seop,” and continuously updated another photo saying, “imitating Yo Seop 2.”
In the picture, Lee Gi Kwang is showing his new bowl hair style which is a trade mark of Yang Yo Seop. Especially his cute look on his face with some air in his cheeks attracts people’s attention.
Twitterers said, “Gi Kwang’s so cute!” “Lee Gi Kwang finally changes his style with bowl hair,” “Cute Gi Kwang, you look still awesome so you don’t have to imitate Yo Seop,” and so on.


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